Birthday Gift Ideas for her

Girls like to do things differently‚ I’m sure we can agree on that. Choosing a birthday gift for your mum‚ your sister‚ your Nana or you BFF is always a considered process. Well birthday gifts are not often more considred than this.

Word Art is the perfect 'knowing' gift. Tailored‚ personal‚ considered and always heart–felt.

Take a look at some of the styles and designs of Word Art in this section (more on the following pages). You will see that no matter what style of Word Art has been used‚ each design is absolutely unique‚ because the designs are all about the individuals and individual experiences. We specialise in making each design a stand–alone birthday keepsake and we never make duplicates unless you want 2 identical pieces.

See more designs to inspire you

Sometimes you can figure things out for yourself and other times you need more help. Well we have heaps of inspiration to help you get just the right combination that suits your personal view of life and how things should work. Click on the page numbers to take you to inspiration heaven.
  • Multi–directional Word Art on canvas

    Multi–directional with Retro colours

  • Word Art birthday gift for her

    Family rules Word Art

  • Retro–inspired Word Art birthday gift

    Retro–inspired bach wall art

  • Multi–directional Word Art print

    Life at Large multi–directional word art

  • Multi–directional word art with multiple fonts

    Multiple font mash–up

  • Family history birthday present idea

    My Special Love

  • European Trip birthday present Word Art

    European OE Word Art with custom background

  • 60th Birthday Gift

    60th Birthday Gift Word Art

  • Vintage inspired Bus Blind Word Art

    Vintage Bus Blind Word Art

  • Multi–directional Word Art on canvas

    Streets of Life

  • French Poem Birthday Gift

    French Poetic words on canvas

  • New Zealand Map Word Art

    Kiwiana & me