Birthday Gift Ideas for him

We all know that birthday gifts are hard to choose‚ especially when there’s so much out there. How do you choose the right gift that will make the person you have in mind feel loved‚ special and highly thought of?

Word Art is the perfect choice of birthday gift.

Because people are unique in every way‚ every personalised Word Art design ensures that the gift you give is a one–off piece. There are no duplicates (unless you want 2 of the same design)‚ that’s our skill and speciality!

Birthday gifts for men can be just as creative and unique. Just take a look at some of these word art designs below and you’ll see what we mean.

See more designs to inspire you

Sometimes you can figure things out for yourself and other times you need more help. Well we have heaps of inspiration to help you get just the right combination that suits your personal view of life and how things should work. Click on the page numbers to take you to inspiration heaven.
  • Traditional Busblind birthday gift

    Weathered Retro-inspired

  • Word Art birthday gift for him

    SCRABBLE theme.

  • Favourite past times and special people

    Travel terminal inspired
    Word Art

  • Traditional inspired Busblind Word Art

    Vintage inspired
    busblind design

  • Word Art on canvas

    Vintage inspired
    Road Trip Word Art

  • Family OE birthday present idea

    Family OE Word Art

  • Dad's birthday present Word Art

    Dad's are righteous dudes!

  • Multi–coloured Word Art Birthday Gift

    King of Colour

  • Vintage inspired Bus Blind Word Art

    Vintage Bus Blind Word Art

  • Retro-inspired Word Art on canvas

    I live here!

  • Boy's Birthday Gift

    Boys birthdays

  • The World is your Oyster Art

    No place like home!