General questions

We make the sizes on the Popular Sizes page most regularly‚ because those are the most convenient sizes for a wide range of our customers‚ and we make any custom size that a customer would require. Asking is free‚ so make an enquiry if you want something out of the ordinary.

We make twin–sets‚ different combinations of portrait and horizontal styles and we even do full wall coverage wall–paper.

We use Pantone colours for colour–matching. If you give us a Resene colour to match‚ we’ll use the equivilent or closest Pantone colour to match.

If necessary we’ll post you a set of Pantone colours that we have printed onto our canvas so that you can choose a colour directly. So we can pretty much do any colour you could think of. We can do full colour background colours other than black as well.

We often get requests to do fast turn–arounds and can definitely do rush–jobs‚ but we try to avoid these as a rule as they exponentially increase the risk of making mistakes under pressure. If you&38217;re not sure get hold of us to chat it through.

Freight times depend entirely on where the Word Art Canvas is going to. And just so you know‚ we freight to every continent!

Yes you do! We revise the design until you are 100% happy through a series of design proofs. Once you confirm that your proof is correct we finally print it. Please be aware that the onus is on you to ensure that you have checked the spelling of all the words in your design.

Billing information

Paying a deposit ensures your placement in our design process. With the time it takes to generate a design and variations on your design along with other changes you may make to the word–order‚ the colours‚ word sizes and prioritising of names etc‚ we need to be sure that our efforts are not delaying the delivery of other customer requests.

The deposit tells us that you’re serious about commisioning us to complete the design as well as the production of your Word Art.

The easiest way to pay us is via an Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT). This method makes it 100% safe for you and as we're local the process is easy and trouble–free.

It doesn’t matter where you live. We have delivered Word Art to London‚ Hong Kong‚ Paris‚ New York‚ New Jersey‚ Australia and Wisconsin!

For design commissions from over seas we use Paypal as our payment method of choice.

We don’t have any set freight charges as every Word Art commission goes to a different destination. We will give you an indication of freight charges before you place your order with us.